A Month Late

I’m very excited to have two FOs this week for Finished Object Friday. I’ve just been pumping out FOs lately. Probably because I’m trying to get things finished up before the games start.

First on the podium; I have finally finished the Lavendel socks! They may be a month late for my Aunt’s birthday, but the important thing is that they are done. And at least in somewhat of a timely manner too. The way I knit, they very easily could have become a Christmas gift! I will say that I wasn’t all too sure about this lace pattern when I started. The lace patterning on the sock creates a lilac flower, but wasn’t very noticeable when I first started. When they are on though, it looks great. A lot of lace is like that so I really should have known better.

I also finished spinning my Schoppel-Wolle pencil roving. I must say I’m very surprised at the final result. I like it, but it’s different and surprising. The colors of the roving were so bright but I think they evened each other out when I plied them together. The end result is very muted compared to the original roving colors. I then wrapped it on my new niddy-noddy! I love it so much, even though it’s only made out of PVC pipe!

8 thoughts on “A Month Late

  1. Gorgeous socks! Sometimes I have to stop myself from frogging for things that look too subtle – but usually a couple of repeats and a little bit of blocking and it’s all good. I bet your Aunt LOVES them!

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