Buffalo Pigs – A Recipe

Now for something a little different. It’s been quite a long time since I’ve shared some type of recipe. Last week I was going to make pigs in a blanket the way I saw my SIL do it. Easy. Crescent Rolls and Lil’ Smokies. You just cut small triangles of the cresent roll, wrap the smokie with it, and that’s all. Easy! I added my own little twist, but I swear it’s still easy!!

Buffalo Pigs

Cresent Rolls
Lil’ Smokies Cheddar
Yancy’s Buffalo Wing Cheddar Cheese

Cut up your crescent rolls. I think I cut each triangle into 4. Cut up slivers of the buffalo wing cheese (you could really do this with ANY cheese though!). Put a lil’ smokie and a piece of cheese on each triangle of crescent roll, wrap and put on your cookie sheet for the oven. Follow the oven temp and time that the crescent rolls you bought tell you to use. When you wrap just try to stretch your dough around the cheese so you don’t have a mess to clean up. It will taste great either way though!! Enjoy!

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