I’m an American woman living in a foreign country full of beauty and wonder.  My husband is in the US Army, and we are currently stationed overseas in Germany.  I love everyday of life here.  I enjoy photographing my life and experiences here.  I’m also quite obsessed with knitting as you can tell, since 90% of my blog posts are about the wonderful craft.  I’m a full time student in the process of gaining my Master’s degree from Ashford University through the technology of online classes.

I’m on Twitter: suddenexpressn
And Ravelry: suddenexpression

If you need or would like to contact me you can at LauraMB42@yahoo.com  (or hopefully I won a giveaway and you are trying to get in touch!)

Have a happy day 🙂

~Laura M


One thought on “About

  1. LOL you changed your blog background and it totally threw me – thought I was in the wrong place 🙂
    Thanks for commenting on my blog today – if you wonder why it isn’t showing, it’s because I was hasty and hit delete by accident.

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