Happy Easter

I hope everyone has a Happy Easter! I’ve been prepping for guests and a cookout this evening. Already have the pie done! Miss Annabelle is dressed for the occasion.


Spent some time at the beginning of the weekend dyeing more yarn. I typically just dye yarn once a month, using the monthly theme of the Kool Way To Dye group on Ravelry. This months theme was Easter Egg colors, as in the kits you buy for Easter Eggs. I dyed my eggs then used the leftover dye for the yarn. I used a kettle dyeing type method. Put the yarn in a pot on low. Added each left over color, one at a time moving the yarn and dye a bit to blend instead of getting vivid color separation. There’s a lot of different colors but the blue and purple were mostly dominant. I’m not complaining though because I love the end result!



New Yarn

I have new yarn, in more ways than one, this week. And all without spending money. It’s the best way, right? I won some yarn! I also dyed some yarn. First….the giveaway!


I entered a giveaway on the Wool & Cotton blog. I found the blog on the Contests & Giveaways thread in The Blog Hub group in Ravelry. I wasn’t really looking around the blog, just entered the giveaway. Now looking back I realize it’s a pretty cool blog that I plan to add to my blog reader. The author Alexandra (Twinkleshine on Ravelry) lives in Thessaloniki, Greece. The yarn I won is from Shades of Light on Etsy. I won a skein of her Paris weight, which is a 100% Merino base heavy fingering weight. I chose the 39d colorway because the mix of colors, and depth of the color is just so vivid. The dyer is also located in Greece and is very talented. She has several different bases in her shop, one of which is Dehli; a 50% wool 50% silk mix. Very nice! Go check out the bog and shop!


The other “new” yarn is really just new looking. I dyed 100 g of white Schoeller & Stahl Socka 2000 yarn. I bought this yarn in Germany for the purposes of dying eventually. I had the urge to dye some yarn this past week and chose this because the dyeing group on Ravelry has themes every month. This month’s theme is dying blends and this blend is 45% cotton, 42% wool, and 13% polymide. And since it was the week of St. Patrick’s Day I dyed half the skein willow green and half kelley green using Wilton’s dye. I love how it turned out, and I want to see if it will make a good Hitchhiker.

Autumn Colors

I have two finished objects to share this week.  It so happens that the weather has completely changed, and it is definitely turning into Autumn outside.  Both my projects seem to fit the color pallet of this season; one of my favorites. So it seems like a very appropriate welcome to the warm coming cozy sweaters, hot apple cider, baked apple bread, holiday season.  My favorite part about the season?  Warm drinks: hot apple cider, chai tea and (once I return to the states) Pumpkin Spice Lattes.  I’ll be looking forward to having one of those from Starbucks, but in the meantime I will just keep knitting things that make the Fall season so welcome.

First one reminds me of the leaves changing colors in Upstate NY, where the colors are much brighter than here. It is baby’s Offset Wrapland and Swirl Hat.  Made with Wollmeise 80/20 in the colorway Bob.  I absolutely adore this set and I think it will be coming with me to the hospital.  The tiny buttons are just perfect and have a little elephant imprinted on them.  I just need to find a tiny needle which I’m sure I have around here somewhere, to sew the buttons on with.


Next up is a yarn you’ve seen before.  I hand-dyed it with a burnt orange in mind.  I specifically remember calling the result a warm Pumpkin Spice, but also wasn’t to sure about it.  I even did a poll to see what other people thought and if I should modify it more.  Well I’m sure glad I kept it the way it was, because I adore it.  I bought the Spiced Pumpkin candle yesterday.  I must say it’s a damn close match colorwise. And I actually made the pattern I intended for it, The Gap-tastic Cowl.  I’m very happy with the finished result, and it was such a quick knit!

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I feel like utter crap.  That’s my only excuse for not posting.  Going on week 2 of feeling like this.  More explanation when I’m up to it.  Just an FYI so you all know I haven’t disappeared.  And I will leave you with some yarny goodness: my latest dye job.

Opinions Needed!

Remember that pan of yarn I posted yesterday?  The one some people thought was pasta or ground meat?  My husband thought it looked like ground beef.  Anyway, it’s done and dry!  I was going for a burnt orange look, and I guess I got it.  But I’m not quite sure if I like it or not.  I want opinions!!  Here’s what it started out as and what it finished as:

My plans with it are to make the Gap-tastic Cowl since I’ve been trying to work off of my queue.

So the question is……

WIP Again

Most my attention this past week has been applied to my Magic Ball Shawl, but I can’t share a picture today.  Why you might ask? Because it’s done!!  It just needs to be blocked and I’m hoping I will be able to share it for FO Friday! Now that it’s done though I can actually give some attention to other things like my Noro Striped Scarf and Skew Socks!  I have to get back on track with my Skew Socks, which means doing a little bit of ripping back.  I want to take them with me to work on while I’m in Prague this weekend.  Yes of course, I’ll take alot of pictures!  My book for the week is Nicholas Sparks’ Last Song.  It’s one of the many books I picked up for free this past weekend at the High School Garage Sale!

I do have other fiber related WIP though!!!   I’m dyeing some Schachenmayr Nomotta Ecologico (yes it’s German yarn!) in the oven as I write.  I tried dyeing it naturally in the sun to avoid felting (since it’s made to felt) but it’s just not hot enough for that yet.  So oven it is. And so far I think I’ve avoided any felting.  I’ve been on a dyeing craze lately and would like to participate in the monthly DAL for the What A Kool Way to Dye group on Ravelry.  This months theme is “Let’s Get Marly” – overdyeing tweed or marled yarns.  Mine is a marled yarn (which I had to look up, by the way!).  The goal was a rusty orange but it looks a bit more red than I expected.

I also am participating in The Knit Girllls spin-along.  If you don’t know much about The Knit Girllls then check them out!  They are an excellent video podcast that you can either watch on their website or subscribe to in iTunes. And they sure are a hoot! Anyway, Tempted Yarns did a surprise dye job on the roving and everyone had to order from her Etsy shop.  So everyone is spinning the same fiber, which is pretty awesome! I’ve done a bit of pre-drafting on mine and just started spinning yesterday.  There is also a KAL portion to the spin-along (but anyone can join!).  We have a choice of 7 patterns with a variety of weights and yardage.  I think I’m going to make the Albina Armwarmers with mine since I’m afraid I won’t have enough yardage for a shawl.  We’ll see.  I’ll keep you updated on my progress!

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It’s All In the Spelling

I’ve been dyeing!!  Noo…..not dying but dyeing!  Like dyeing yarn?  I don’t know why but it’s almost like I feel like I’ve caught a bug.  The dyeing bug.  When I think about it, I just want to do it again and again and again!  I didn’t have any yarn though!  So I ordered some gorgeous, all natural lace on ebay for real cheap.  It is 150 grams, and I guess I didn’t realize how much yardage that equals out to. The picture only shows 3 of the 9 (NINE!) skeins. My goal was a gradient, which I kind of achieved after some finagling with the dyes and whatnot.  One skein is just smaller and that’s why it looks more like a variegated color than a gradient.  I have to say I don’t love it quite as much as I would have hoped.  I also didn’t think about what I could make with a lace gradient (and so much of it!).  I’ve been wandering some patterns on Ravelry though and I’m thinking about using it for a Heirloom Diamond Baby Blanket or possibly doubling the yarn for something.  The colors seem baby appropriate, both boys and girls.  Who the recipient will be is what I’m not too sure about, and of course it also depends on when I actually get to knitting it!

The purple/pink yarn cake there is my pride and joy!  It’s the best dye job I’ve done so far, at least I think.  I’m part of the A Kool Way To Dye group on Ravelry and every month they have a them for dyeing.  Going with the St. Patty’s Day theme, they chose Luck of the Draw for March.  This meant we blindly picked 3 colors to dye with. So I decided I would try it on a ball of Regia 4 ply Classic, but I have both Wiltons dye and Koolaid. I wanted to try a cool Koolaid effect someone had wrote about earlier so I figured I would pick one color from the wiltons (in a bag & blind!) then pick 2 of the KAs (also all in a bag). Well first I picked Wilton’s Violet, then time for the KA. I picked three different packets of black cherry!! But the point was 3 colors so I kept trying for a 3rd and got Pink Lemonade. I first wound my yarn up in a very, very loose skein and soaked it with water and vinegar for about 1/2 hour. Then I put it in a pot on the stove just so the water would cover the yarn. Not alot of water at all. In a separate bowl I mixed my violet Wilton’s Icing dye with some water and I spooned it over the yarn in just so I was dyeing lines or parts of it. I turned it over, and did the same thing once the dye was exhausted. Then I used Black Cherry Koolaid and sprinkled it on spots I wanted it. Then I did the same thing with some Pink Lemonade Koolaid. Turned it over and did the same thing.  I love the final result and I will be trying this result again!

This is sock yarn, and I want to make socks with it.  Especially since I’m a big pink lover.  I originally planned to make Cookie A’s Monkey socks with it.  I stated this in the group and got one response saying that they don’t think it would look good.  So I’m leaving it to you, my loyal readers.  What do you think?   Obviously if it doesn’t look good I would just frog and start a new pattern, but I’m very curious what your opinions on this would be.  Thanks!