Please Excuse My Funk

I’ve been in a bit of a blogging funk lately. I don’t think I even posted once last week. I will say I’ve thought about posting. Then I think that I don’t have anything to post about. Well, that’s not exactly true. I’ve just been lazy.  But I knew I needed to participate in WIP Wednesday this week.  I have so much to share!

I do have quite a bit going on in the knitting front. First, I frogged a hat I was trying to design to match Miss A’s Milo Vest. Not a bad attempt, but if was too small. I’ll come back to it soon. I also frogged my surprise gift. I can tell you now, I was making a lace garter for a best friend.  She just had a very intimate ceremony and married her fiance, with very short notice.  I’ve had this garter in my queue earmarked for her for about 2 years now.  I was just waiting for a date.  Well, unfortunately 3 weeks wasn’t enough time to get the right yarn, get it knit, blocked and sent to her in time.  So sadly I pulled it out.  Oh well.  I’m glad she had such a great wedding and I don’t think the presence of that gift would have changed much.

On the needles is Roo Two, which I’ve promised to have done for my husband before he leaves for training.  He asked if I could get it done by then (6 weeks from now) and I just laughed.  I actually don’t have to concentrate on it quite as much as I was if I have a whole six weeks!  After starting it, I think the smaller needles and fingering weight yarn is much more appropriate.  The worsted weight was going to be way to big for him to put in his uniform pocket.

I’ve made some progress on my Grad Gift – The Boneyard Shawl.  I’m not sure if I’ve actually shared that one with my readers, since it’s a gift.  But I was home recently and showed the gift to the recipient.  So I don’t feel like it needs to stay a secret anymore.  I picked the yarn for her – Lang Yarns Tosca Light from my stash, because I knew she would love it.  Then went from there.  I thought about making handwarmers since I think she would get alot of wear out of them, but decided this yarn was begging me to be a nice chunky shawl.  The recipient lives in upstate NY so this should get alot of use in the winter!  Sorry about the washout in the picture.  Today’s not a good picture day so far, and I took so many pictures of this shawl. This is the only picture that the color was accurate in.

Next up is probably my favorite thing on the needles right now.  Favorite project actually intended for me, I would say.  I special ordered yarn from A Stash Addict.  If you haven’t checked out her shop, go right now!  She is awesome.  Her colors are so bright and playful!  She has a line called “dark arts” and they are half black and half another color.  Oh, and they sparkle!!  Well, I ordered a skein with the same effect, but with a dark brown and pink.  Not only did she dye two shades to choose from (awesome customer service right there, and I just noticed the other skein is up in her shop!!) but it turned out exactly like what I was picturing in my head.  I had this pink and brown comforter when I was in college and I’ve always loved it.  Somehow those colors popped into my head one day and I had to have her dye it for me.  Not only is the yarn itself amazing, but it’s knitting up beautifully…  I had to cast-on this pattern 4 times with new modifications every time.  I don’t think I’ve never taken as many notes on a pattern as I have had to do so far on the Anastasia socks.  I think these socks do however, show-off the colors of the yarn without adding too much.  It’s such a nice and simple pattern.  The part where the twist wraps from one needle to the next I was a bit hard to figure out but I’ve pushed through!  Can’t wait till they are done and I can wear them!


My First Mother’s Day!

I am so thrilled to be celebrating today! Not for the recognition of taking care of my daughter. Not for the gifts. But because celebrating today means I am a Mother, and I wouldn’t be if it wasn’t for dear Annabelle. So today I want to celebrate her, and how much she means to me. I love watching her grow up, and taking care of her day by day, even when the days are rough. I wouldn’t give her up for the world.

Yarn & Wood

It’s finished object Friday! And I have two things to share with you! I’m very excited about this one. Mainly because I’ve wanted to knit the Hitchhiker for so long, and it’s finally done! I also have something to share, that I wasn’t expecting to be done.

First, the Hitchhiker pattern. I knit this up with some German sock yarn I had dyed. I didn’t realize till I finished that I didn’t have enough yarn. I think because the yarn is part cotton though, it made it very stretchy, so I’m kind of glad that I only was able to knit 35 out of the 42 teeth. As far as I’m concerned, it’s big enough! And I absolutely love my Hitchhiker Pat!


I also have had the supplies to make a “name plate” or sorts for Miss A’s bedroom wall. I started painting the letters this week. I didn’t expect to be done so soon, but I finished this morning! Mostly because my daughter decided to sleep for 10 hours last night, so I was up before her. So the letters are done, then I will be posting again when they are actually up on the wall.


The Versatile Blog Award

Yay! I got an award! I don’t even think I’ve gotten one since I moved my blog to But they are fun and let you explore and discover new blogs. I mentioned yesterday that I got the award from Will Knit For Food. I wanted to mention it when I got it, but had quite a long post yesterday and I wanted to give it the attention it deserves today.

So, here we go. The conditions of the award:
– Thank the person who gave you this award. (check)
– Include a link to their blog. (check)
– Next, select 15 bloggers that you follow regularly or have recently discovered.
– Nominate those bloggers for the Versatile blogger-award.
– Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

Nominations – blogs I follow regularly or just recently discovered. Each of you have been nominated because I enjoy reading about you, your creations and your life! I know these awards are not everyone’s cup of tea, so don’t feel obligated to post, and just take it as a compliment!

1. Better Than Yarn
2. A Tangled Yarn
3. Life & Yarn or Yarn & Life
4. A 1/4 to
5. A Twisted Stitcher
6. Eskimimi Makes
7. Wife, Mom, Knitter
8. Mutant Supermodel
9. Autumn Geisha
10. Bird In Hand Farm
11. Elephant Juice Knits
12. Socks And Scrapbooks
13. Wool & Cotton
14. A Playful Day
15. I Should Be Folding Laundry

Now to tell 7 things about myself.
1. I have 2 cats named Edgar & Mifflin and they were both born in Germany.
2. I’m obsessed with color. The brighter the better when it comes to yarn.
3. I miss Germany and all the friends I had there almost every single day.
4. I think dishes are the complete worst chore ever, and I don’t understand why they never go away.
5. I never knew how everything else in the universe could become so unimportant once you have a baby, but my baby girl is my everything.
6. I wear mismatched socks on a very regular basis.
7. My husband and I are addicted to Netflix. One tv show after another. So much so, that I canceled my cable because we NEVER watch it.

So much going on in the blog world lately so keep checking in! Hope you like the new look I have! And I’ve updated all my links and whatnot.

It Sew Easy!

I made a Moby! If you don’t know what a Moby is, it’s a type of baby carrier wrap. But they are expensive! And I might figure its worth it if wasn’t just a large piece of material. It was so easy to make! I bought six yards of material; cotton gauze to be exact. I picked this because the summer is approaching and it’s nice and lightweight, plus it has a bit of stretch to it. In hindsight I probably only needed five yards to make it. Then you cut it in half length-wise and seam all the edges. Sounds so hard right? Oh, and did I mention you have two after that? The faux-moby can be wrapped all different ways to hold the baby. To wrap it the directions refer to the logo, so I just bought a cute iron-on transfer for that spot. The second one went to my Sister-in-law who just had another little baby girl this month!


Controlled Chaos


For today’s WIP Wednesday I have my Dad in Argyle, as I’m calling it. An argyle golf club cover. I still have My Monkeys, and 42 dishcloth on the needles as well, but haven’t really made much progress. As I mentioned last week, the golf club cover is faire isle knitting with 3 different colors, and the yarn is doubled fingering weight. Basically, I’m dealing with alot of strands of yarn at once so the words controlled chaos may even be a bit of an exaggeration.

I finished the “cuff” of the cover and started the stranded knitting. I would have been able to do it the way I was, but I was just getting too frustrated. I knew I wasn’t using the right techniques. So I ripped down, and looked to my knitting library for some help. I couldn’t find my favorite reference book, Knitting for Dummies so I inspected the other choices. That’s when I found that my Stitch & Bitch Superstar Knitting had a section on knitting with 2 colors. I figured that’s where I should start, even though I’m working with 3. The book suggested knitting inside out so all the floats would be wider and you avoid the tightness you can get with stranded knitting. Since alot of the notes on ravelry mentioned people had problems with the tightness, I figured I would give it a try. It could only help, right? The biggest problem I had was “catching” the floats correctly. So after using my resources, I think I will be able to get this project done with less frustration and swearing!

I’ve also been working on a big project. It’s a bit of a secret though. It’s also a different craft. I’m changing it up a little! Here’s all I can share now, but maybe soon I can show you full pictures!

I Love You

I can’t say it enough. Today’s my husband’s birthday. Happy birthday to the most amazing man I know. I wouldn’t want my life to be any other way than they way it is right now. Being here with you, with our family. It’s just the best thing in the world and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. So here’s to you!!