Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

Not really. Winner winner, balls of yarn doesn’t sound quite as good though. I have to apologize again about my tardiness on announcing the winner of my blog giveaway. I picked the winner on time but my timing was also pretty bad with this. I’ve been planning on doing a giveaway for my 200th post for a long time, and it unfortunatley happened to line up right along with my surprise visit back home! I didn’t take my computer since my husband stayed here, and my parents computer isn’t the greatest, it’s hard to post from my phone and truthfully I didn’t have all that much time to spare. But enough of the excuses! Let’s get on with it. I had a giveaway for 2 balls of Lang Yarns Alpaca Superlight. I used a random number generator to determine the winner! I only had 8 comments and I’m happy to say the winner is commenter #3! That is Michaela who said “Congrats on your 200th post. So very exciting, I’m sure! Since I am from Germany (now living in Canada), I enjoyed reading your posts about Germany. My favourite was “To The Castle”, partially because of all the pics that remind me of home so much. Whenever I go back, I always bring back Lang Yarns yarn as well If I won, this would be a nice little treat!” You’re comment was very sweet and sometimes I wish I could still be posting about my travels of Germany! Please e-mail me at or send me a message on Ravelry!

As for WIP Wednesday, I haven’t made much progress on anything. I thought I’d be done with my Milo vest by now, but didn’t have virtually any knitting time on my visit home. And definitely no knitting on the plane traveling alone with a 7 month old. I am casting on for a present too and am hoping that will be done by Friday! It’s a bit time-pending. I will be using MMMmalibrigo Lace in Jet Blue. I love working with Malabrigo!



I Apologize

I have chosen the winner of my giveaway but I cannot post from my phone. It’s such a pain in the butt. So I will be announcing the winner late tonight when I can actually get on my parents computer. Im visiting right now. I leave you with a picture to make up for the delay!!


One More Day & A Giveaway

Many of you know what I’m referring to. Any knitters involved in the Ravellenic Games knows (which is more than 12,000 people)! One more day to furiously click those needles till the end of the closing ceremonies! I am curious though and will have to look it up; is it when the closing ceremonies end no matter your time zone, or when
they air? Hmph. I’ll have to check the “rule book”. I’m not quite sure if I will get my Toy Toss entry, Flying Buddy Roo, done in time. But I have finished another item! That’s right….Finally Daybreak is off the needles! At this moment it is actually blocking…..for the second time. The first time I blocked it I did points where the slipped stitches created lines. I then decided I liked how more other people had it blocked, as a semi-circle, like the designer Stephen West himself did. And I knew I’d just feel the need to make another one and block it the other way, so I decided I would just reblock. And I think I’ll be happier. If you remember my last week’s WIP Wednesday Post I was quite worried about the pop of green in the yarn. Well, I got past the stripes and hadn’t reached it yet, so I decided to do the bottom in Color A instead of Color B and avoid the green all together. I’m very happy with the final result!


Now onto why most of you are probably here…a giveaway! My first actually! Because this is my 200th POST! I cannot believe I’ve had this blog long enough to get to 200! And I’ve kept writing because I’ve had so many such great readers! In a sense, blogging here helps me feel social, so thanks to all of you readers for that! So to celebrate and say thanks I’m giving away 2 skeins of Lang Yarns Alpaca Superlight. It’s a 2 ply lace yarn in a very berry shade of purple, and is one of my purchases left from Germany.

To enter, leave a comment and tell me what your favorite post or project from me has been! I’d love to hear it! I’ll be using a random number generator to pick the winner, and posting again next Friday. So you have a week! Good luck and go check out other FO Friday posts on Tami’s Amis and Other Creations!