Yarn & Wood

It’s finished object Friday! And I have two things to share with you! I’m very excited about this one. Mainly because I’ve wanted to knit the Hitchhiker for so long, and it’s finally done! I also have something to share, that I wasn’t expecting to be done.

First, the Hitchhiker pattern. I knit this up with some German sock yarn I had dyed. I didn’t realize till I finished that I didn’t have enough yarn. I think because the yarn is part cotton though, it made it very stretchy, so I’m kind of glad that I only was able to knit 35 out of the 42 teeth. As far as I’m concerned, it’s big enough! And I absolutely love my Hitchhiker Pat!


I also have had the supplies to make a “name plate” or sorts for Miss A’s bedroom wall. I started painting the letters this week. I didn’t expect to be done so soon, but I finished this morning! Mostly because my daughter decided to sleep for 10 hours last night, so I was up before her. So the letters are done, then I will be posting again when they are actually up on the wall.



Last Chance!

It’s been a while since I’ve had a normal blog post. And I feel like it’s been forever since I did a WIP Wednesday post. But it’s only been two weeks. Not really that long! I want to thank the 3 people who signed up for my Pay It Forward Handmade! I’m very excited, and think I’ve figured out the right gifts for everyone. I also want to thank everyone for visiting during Knit Crochet Blog Week. I got 35 comments and over 200 hits during the week. I also want to thank Eskimimi for hosting because although I had fun writing my posts I also very much enjoyed reading others, and found a few new blogs to follow.

Go check out the Photo Challenge finalists over at Eskimimi Makes and vote. I have to say that the photographers are very talented and all the finalists were amazing. Of course everyone did a great job, even people who weren’t nominated.

Speaking of Knit Crochet Blog Week, I’m reminding everyone that there are still two days till my voting closes for my “Reader’s Choice Project“. Go vote for which yarn and pattern I should work on next!

That was a little summary of recent events. Now onto WIP Wednesday; there isn’t very much on the needles at this moment. Nothing to show for. I cast-on Little Owls, ripped it out because it was too big, and recast-on. I’ve also still got Lavendel on the needles, but no progress is made. It looks just like last time. And Hitchhiker Pat is off the needles, so you’ll see that on Friday! Of course this means there might be a bit of startitis before next week’s post!

I’ve Gone And Done It…

I found Downton Abbey on Netflix, and I’ve started watching. I’ve been sucked in. And I’d love to blame it on my Sister-in-laws’ whom both have mentioned the show on Facebook and said I must watch. But it’s not only them. Venusfueri (on Ravelry) of the Subway Knits Podcast has organized a Downton Abbey swap that has even been mentioned by Vogue Knitting. So as you probably already know, it’s being discussed all over! I’m enjoying it so far!

Now onto my knitting. I’ve pulled a project out of hibernation this past week. My Monkeys were cast-on in July of 2011 and the yarn I’m using was dyed in March of 2011. And now I’ve finally finished the first sock. But in all fairness I have put this project into hibernation about 4 or 5 times just because life has gotten in the way. I almost finished the first sock while I was pregnant and staying in the hotel after we moved to Kansas, but then my fingers became too swollen to knit. I tried it on when I picked it back up and goodness me it’s a good thing I didn’t finish! It was too big…because my feet had been so swollen! Also some progress has been made on Miss A’s cardigan and I finished one of two booties. All in all a good week in knitting for me! Also still working on The Choice….almost done!

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