From Start to Finish


I cast on the Knitted Jewelry Frame during the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics.  I finished it on Day 4 of the games, and blocked it.  Yesterday I got it hung up and put into use.  I absolutely LOVE it.  I can’t believe how well it turned out.  And I get to display some of my hand-spun yarn!  That’s it for my FO’s this week! Go check out more for FO Friday!


Lots of Progress

I’ve been making great progress on my knitting the past month or so. I really feel like I have different things to talk about every week and an FO pretty often! Part of this progress I think is the motivation from Subway Knits for the Midwinter QAL which started Feb 1st and your FO’s have to be posted by April 30th. I’ve talked about most of my “entries” so far, but I think I’ve talked about Dad in Argyle the most because it has been on the needles for a while. It’s a golf club cover knitted holding Knit Picks Palette doubled. Last week I talked about the idea of using duplicate stitch on it, so that way I was knitting with 2 colors and not 3. I’m pretty glad I decided to try this out because I was pretty successful knitting it!A few tiny puckers here and there, but nothing much. Now I’ve started using the duplicate stitch which seems to be working pretty well, the hard part is just lining up the stitches correctly. Hopefully I’ll post about this project again on FO Friday!

I started a new pair of socks this week too. On some oh so dreamy Wollmeise in the Lavendel colorway which is such a gorgeous shade of purple. These socks are not for me. The yarn was picked out specifically to knit the Lilac Socks for my Aunt. Purple is her favorite color, and since she is from Rochester, NY which holds the annual Lilac Festival I thought this was a perfect combination for her. I’m hoping to finish them by the time I visit her in June. I just love working with Wollmeise….I can’t say that enough.

Last thing to talk about is my Hitchhiker Pat. I named it this since I dyed the yarn for St. Patrick’s Day in all greens. I wasn’t quite sure about it at the beginning, but I kept working as a friend suggested and it’s really starting to grow on me. I’ve grown to really like it and I’m half-way through the 42 “teeth” of the pattern.

That’s all the WIPs I have for WIP Wednesday, but I also got a blog award this week I wanted to talk about. Michelle from Will Knit For Food nominated me for The Versatile Blog Award! You should definitely go check out her blog! The following are the conditions for the award. I will post my nominations tomorrow since my post is now getting a bit lengthy.
Here are the conditions of The Versatile Blogger Award:

– Thank the person who gave you this award.
– Include a link to their blog.
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– Nominate those bloggers for the Versatile blogger-award.
– Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

I Have The Answer

I have the answer to greatest question. That’s right Hitchhiker’s Guide friends. I finished my 42 dishcloth. And it’s one of the few dishcloths I’ve made that you can actually see the design well on. And the hubs likes it, which is really all that matters. And it’s another project to be added to Subway Knits QAL.


I’ve also cast on in some old Knit picks yarn and finished a lovely baby hat for a friend. I have several friends having babies right now so hopefully posting won’t ruin the surprise! I think it turned out great and I plan on making the next size up for Miss A. I think this is the first time I’ve cast on and finished between WIP Wednesday posts!


Just as an FYI I’m posting from my phone right now which makes posting links hard. I’ll take care of that when I get home.

A Conundrum

I actually have a few NEW projects on the needles this week! A bit of startitis I suppose. Subway Knits QAL has to be given most the credit for giving me the motivation. The rest of the motivation has come from the fact that they are presents and the weather is beautiful. Something about knowing they are for someone else makes want to continue on with a small project. And having the windows open and breathing the nice fresh air also makes want to knit more.

I’ve cast-on a dishcloth with some bright orange Peaches & Cream cotton. It’s a nice quick project that was originally queued March 10, 2010. Did you know when you start a project from your queue it actually tells you the date it was originally queued at the very bottom of the project page? I never knew that before I started the QAL. Very cool! This isn’t just any dishcloth, it’s The Answer to the Greatest Question dishcloth. You probably only understand that if you are a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy fan, which my husband is. Huge fan…read all the books. So basically that means it has the number 42 on it. I laughed when I looked at all the other project pages of the pattern because apprently I’m not as original as I thought. The pattern was made by someone whoo was a fan of some Nascar driver who was number 42. Well, every project has something to do with The Hitchhiker’s Guide.

Also new to the needles is an Argyle Golf Club Cover. This would be for my Dad. He picked the colors out around a year ago and I never touched it. So I went to cast it on this morning. Well, that’s where my conundrum came in…..I bought Knit Picks Palette yarn and the pattern calls for Malabrigo Worsted Weight yarn. If you know much about the yarn world, than you know these are two great yarns but one is a fingering weight and one is a worsted weight. Big difference. So what’s a girl to do? I checked the patterns to see if there was a golf club cover in fingering weight. Nope. Checked project notes to see if anyone had done it in fingering weight and that was a big no. So, although it will be hard with three different colors being used in the same round I’m trying doubling the yarn. I’ve done for worsted weight projects before but it will be a bit more complicated this time around. I would have just ditched the project, but golf season will be starting soon and I would love for my Dad to actually get some use out of it.

I’ve also got my Monkey Socks on the needles and still making progress. Check out other WIP Wednesday posts here. Oh and you must give me props because I typed this entire post with one hand because I have a baby sleeping in the other!!

Finishing Touches

I’ve got to say the booties are pretty darn cute! And the pink ribbon was a perfect touch, plus I needed something to help them stay on! But they don’t. The bows come undone relatively easily. Not enough to scrap them, but enough to try a different pattern the next time. How cute are they though?! And I now have one entry done for the Subway Knits QAL.

Pattern: Baby’s Best Booties
Yarn: RYC Cashsoft DK



I’ve Gone And Done It…

I found Downton Abbey on Netflix, and I’ve started watching. I’ve been sucked in. And I’d love to blame it on my Sister-in-laws’ whom both have mentioned the show on Facebook and said I must watch. But it’s not only them. Venusfueri (on Ravelry) of the Subway Knits Podcast has organized a Downton Abbey swap that has even been mentioned by Vogue Knitting. So as you probably already know, it’s being discussed all over! I’m enjoying it so far!

Now onto my knitting. I’ve pulled a project out of hibernation this past week. My Monkeys were cast-on in July of 2011 and the yarn I’m using was dyed in March of 2011. And now I’ve finally finished the first sock. But in all fairness I have put this project into hibernation about 4 or 5 times just because life has gotten in the way. I almost finished the first sock while I was pregnant and staying in the hotel after we moved to Kansas, but then my fingers became too swollen to knit. I tried it on when I picked it back up and goodness me it’s a good thing I didn’t finish! It was too big…because my feet had been so swollen! Also some progress has been made on Miss A’s cardigan and I finished one of two booties. All in all a good week in knitting for me! Also still working on The Choice….almost done!

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