I know you all like to see pictures of Miss A, but that’s all you really get. I don’t really talk about her a lot. That’s not because of privacy, or because I don’t care. Nor do I think my readers don’t care. It’s more of less because I don’t have the words. I read all kinds of blogs that talk so genuinely about their children and really describe well their development and the love they have for them. A great example would be Jasmin’s (of the Knitmore Girls) blog Better Than Yarn. She is able to put things into words so well. She’s entertaining and clever. And our daughter’s are very close in age (and development, which I can’t usually say)!


After a teething biscuit! Messy Missy!

When I write about my daughter I feel like it comes out more like Tina Fey news bit Weekend Update (minus the actual humor). Here’s my news bit: Miss A has been crawling for quite a while now. She started before she even turned 6 months. It’s like crawling turned on a switch for her. The next weekend she started pulling herself up on Mommy & Daddy, then suddenly she could pull herself up on anything. We’ve invested in stair gates now. And wouldn’t you know it, she’s started furniture surfing and trying to stand on her own! I really think she’s going to be walking soon.

We had another first yesterday. Our first hospital visit. She’s fine, but her parents have what is known as “New Parent Freak Out Syndrome”. She’s had a cold, the doctor couldn’t fit her in yesterday and it was just better safe than sorry by last night. And then she pulled the whole “let’s make my parents look like big liars” routine once we were there by flirting with everyone!

I have been doing some knitting this week. I’m working on a surprise gift for a friend.

I cast on my husband’s Roo Two. I purchased fingering weight yarn for it. I bought Valley Yarns Huntington in the Brown Sugar color way. This time it should be small enough to be a flying buddy.

I’ve also been doing some spinning. It’s gorgeous BFL that I purchased on my Michigan trip. I got it from Marr Haven Wool Farm in Allegan. The owner does amazing dye work there!


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Embracing the hat

A few posts ago I showed you my finished Starry Night Hat.  This was a slouchy hat I knit up in just a few days and was quite proud of it.  I love the pattern; Star Crossed Slouchy Beret.  And I loved the yarn:  MmmMM  Malibrigo Worsted in Amoroso.  So had to be a great fit right?  Not to mention only the second time I have actually used the yarn called for in the pattern.  Must be something with Malibrigo since the firsts time was the Citron.  But in my post An FO Christmas Eve I didn’t like the hat.  Not the project itself, but how it looked on me.  I just didn’t think it worked.

This week I was determined to wear it, and make it look good!  I actually did my hair yesterday morning, wore some red so the hat would match, and put it on.  Most importantly?  I put it on the RIGHT way!   Of course I love it now!  I have embraced the beauty of the hat (and just dealt with the fact that it just isn’t made to keep my ears warm!)  I learned a lesson by doing this.  Many of my knits I may not like, or think I like, but until I go out of the way to try it with the right clothes and hair I really shouldn’t judge.


An FO Christmas Eve

I worked on one project this week and finished it.  I talked about the knitting monogamy I’ve been practicing in my last post.  I’ve cast on for my new sweater, and although I feel more accomplished when only knitting one thing I’ve discovered that I need to work on more than one thing when one requires so much mental work.  I need a simple, no thinking project to work on.  But I’ll talk more about it next week.  Right now I just want to share my finished Starry Night Hat and wish all my readers a Very Merry Christmas!!  I’m very happy with the way the hat turned out, but wish it would look a bit better on my head.  See you after the holiday!

On Time


For once.  I’m actually posting my WIP Wednesday on a Wednesday!  And what a great Wednesday it has been!  A dear friend invited me to her daughter’s school for their Christmas concert.  A little series of songs and a little story behind why they all went together.  It was so cute. It really, really reminds me of the true meaning of Christmas. And It’s days like these that make me adore the holiday season.  So that put a smile on my face for the whole day, maybe even the week!

To make things better, we went to check our mail on our way home.  And with all the packages from home coming the last thing I was thinking about was getting was a box from Knit Picks.  But it came anyway!!  Remember my post Cyber Monday?  All the yarn that I ordered came and I’m hoping to start the Amused sweater this weekend.

As excited as I am to start the sweater, I also just started something last night.  Something that I’ve been waiting to start since I got the yarn in a Secret Pal Swap.  Most importantly, the yarn in mmmmmmMalibrigo.  And I need a hat for the Winter.

Believe it or not the Star Crossed Slouchy Beret is the only WIP I have right now, besides the hub’s socks I’ve been trying to forget about.  I actually have 2 finished projects to share on Friday though!  Until then, head over to Tami’s Amis and Other Crochet for more WIPW posts!