I know you all like to see pictures of Miss A, but that’s all you really get. I don’t really talk about her a lot. That’s not because of privacy, or because I don’t care. Nor do I think my readers don’t care. It’s more of less because I don’t have the words. I read all kinds of blogs that talk so genuinely about their children and really describe well their development and the love they have for them. A great example would be Jasmin’s (of the Knitmore Girls) blog Better Than Yarn. She is able to put things into words so well. She’s entertaining and clever. And our daughter’s are very close in age (and development, which I can’t usually say)!


After a teething biscuit! Messy Missy!

When I write about my daughter I feel like it comes out more like Tina Fey news bit Weekend Update (minus the actual humor). Here’s my news bit: Miss A has been crawling for quite a while now. She started before she even turned 6 months. It’s like crawling turned on a switch for her. The next weekend she started pulling herself up on Mommy & Daddy, then suddenly she could pull herself up on anything. We’ve invested in stair gates now. And wouldn’t you know it, she’s started furniture surfing and trying to stand on her own! I really think she’s going to be walking soon.

We had another first yesterday. Our first hospital visit. She’s fine, but her parents have what is known as “New Parent Freak Out Syndrome”. She’s had a cold, the doctor couldn’t fit her in yesterday and it was just better safe than sorry by last night. And then she pulled the whole “let’s make my parents look like big liars” routine once we were there by flirting with everyone!

I have been doing some knitting this week. I’m working on a surprise gift for a friend.

I cast on my husband’s Roo Two. I purchased fingering weight yarn for it. I bought Valley Yarns Huntington in the Brown Sugar color way. This time it should be small enough to be a flying buddy.

I’ve also been doing some spinning. It’s gorgeous BFL that I purchased on my Michigan trip. I got it from Marr Haven Wool Farm in Allegan. The owner does amazing dye work there!


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I wasn’t expecting to have an FO today, so surprise to me (and you!). I picked up Miss A’s Milo Handspun vest and worked on it for just a little bit and all of a sudden it was done! It is perfect size and turned out great! I used US size 4 needles and knit the 3 month size. The pattern calls for US size 6, but I knew with the handspun yarn (and after reading other peoples notes) it would still turn out a bit bigger than the 6 month size. The Milo pattern is a great one if you haven’t seen it. It can work for boys and girls and goes from newborn to size 2. Great variation and I’m sure I will be making more! It fits her perfectly and as you can tell she was very excited! Go check out more FO Friday posts!



Back to the Grind

Short and sweet. I have a lot to catch up on now that the Olympics are over; knitting, crafting and on the home-front. I’ve been dying to use some more handspun yarn so I cast on the Milo vest. Now I’m about halfway done after ripping back the whole body yesterday. The heart cable just wasn’t working with the effect of the yarn so I decided to try out a different cable option from the pattern. So far that’s all I’ve been doing, post-Ravellenic Games. Don’t forget to click over to my giveaway if you haven’t already! Head on over to Tami’s Amis and Other Creations to read more great WIP Wednesday posts!


From Start to Finish


I cast on the Knitted Jewelry Frame during the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics.  I finished it on Day 4 of the games, and blocked it.  Yesterday I got it hung up and put into use.  I absolutely LOVE it.  I can’t believe how well it turned out.  And I get to display some of my hand-spun yarn!  That’s it for my FO’s this week! Go check out more for FO Friday!

The Games Have Begun

The 2012 London Olympics have started! And how about those opening ceremonies?! I thought they were excellent. Great Britain was able to emphasize history, tradition, culture and beauty meanwhile keeping the audience completely entertained. I enjoyed it very much. I can’t believe they are only 4 days in (omg 1/4 done with already?!) and I’ve already watched so many high points. Diving, swimming, cycling and gymnastics are what have really held my attention so far. There have been some major problems with the way NBC has been controlling coverage, which I won’t get into here. I do however feel that it’s not fair to take that out on the athletes who have worked so hard to get to where they are. I will continue to watch and support them throughout.

With the Olympics comes the Ravelym….. Ravellenic Games. During the opening ceremonies I cast on for two things, which I planned to share with you today. Surprisingly, I’m only sharing one… Because I’ve already finished the other one! So stay tuned till Friday!

I have my Finally Daybreak, as I’m calling it, on the needles. I’m so unbelievably happy with the color combo so far. With that said, I’m a bit nervous for when I reach the pop of bright green. It’s either going to look fantastic, or awful. I’m using Zauberball in the Bromberry color for my main color and the color way #2079 for my stripes. I can’t seem to find the name of the color and I guess it’s pretty rare. I think I’ve decided if I don’t like the green I’m just going to cut out the green bits since I love what I have so much! Why mess with a good thing, right? Hope you liked my WIP Wednesday post! Check out more!


A Month Late

I’m very excited to have two FOs this week for Finished Object Friday. I’ve just been pumping out FOs lately. Probably because I’m trying to get things finished up before the games start.

First on the podium; I have finally finished the Lavendel socks! They may be a month late for my Aunt’s birthday, but the important thing is that they are done. And at least in somewhat of a timely manner too. The way I knit, they very easily could have become a Christmas gift! I will say that I wasn’t all too sure about this lace pattern when I started. The lace patterning on the sock creates a lilac flower, but wasn’t very noticeable when I first started. When they are on though, it looks great. A lot of lace is like that so I really should have known better.

I also finished spinning my Schoppel-Wolle pencil roving. I must say I’m very surprised at the final result. I like it, but it’s different and surprising. The colors of the roving were so bright but I think they evened each other out when I plied them together. The end result is very muted compared to the original roving colors. I then wrapped it on my new niddy-noddy! I love it so much, even though it’s only made out of PVC pipe!