Fibre [Fiber] Appreciation Thursday

Recently I came across a blog named A Stash Addict.  She is a British woman who dyes yarn and fiber.  She has amazing pictures and after seeing this I started following her on Instagram as well.  I can’t describer her colors to you.  The only words that I can think are pure happiness.  Go check her out her blog and shop for yourself!  To get to the point, she has started a new blog meme called Fibre Appreciation Thursday, as you probably gathered from today’s title.

Basically it’s a day to talk about certain yarn or roving.  That’s stuff you display and never want to use because it’s too pretty or maybe it has some sentimental value.  Maybe you find yourself returning to this particular yarn or shop.  Talk about that dyer who’s stuff you just can’t get enough of.  I think it’s a topic I definitely don’t give much time to, but it does deserve a bit of my time.  I may not participate every week, but I would like to when I have something good to say.


Today I’m going to talk about Schoppel-Wolle.  I’ve used several of their yarn lines now.  A friend introduced me to their Zauberball line but it was somewhat expensive to me then.  Mostly because I would have to buy it from an online American store and have it shipped to Germany, when it was shipped to them from Germany. So when I finally came across it in an actual German yarn store I of course bought it!  I made Revontuli Shawl with the first one and was in love with the color repeats.  I tried the Zauberball Crazy next and loved the way the colors were broken up and looked.  I also happened to pick up their pencil roving once and didn’t even know it was made by them!  Just loved the fiber so much.  This was when I had just bought a spindle but hadn’t done much with it.

Now I have two FOs made with Schoppel-Wolle yarn and am very close to having yarn spun out of their fiber.  I’ve been planning on making a Daybreak by Stephen West, for a long time and saw how people combined two different shades of Zauberball.  I found two shades I wanted and thought would combine well and had them special ordered.  Then they got shoved in a box that I didn’t have access to for over a year.  I wasn’t to excited about this.  I just got it and am waiting for the Ravellenic Games to start when the Olympics do, and cast on my Daybreak during the Opening Ceremonies.  I cannot wait.

I think with the popularity of Zauberball, so much of the other things Schoppel-Wolle has to offer are overlooked.  I’ve decided I want to keep this in mind next time I have to order yarn of any brand really.  I want to try the stuff that might get overlooked.  So check out those “other” yarns sometime.  They might be worth the look!


3KCBWDAY5 – Something A Bit Different

Today’s Topic – Something A Bit Different
Something A Bit Different
It’s back, and this time it has the most amazing of prizes (look for the prize for ‘most creative post’). This was a massive success last year, and for many it was the highlight of the Blog Week, so this year you are challenged, again, to find a new way of blogging.
This is an experimental blogging day to try and push your creativity in blogging to the same level that you perhaps push your creativity in the items you create.There are no rules of a topic to blog about but this post should look at a different way to present content on your blog.

Without further ado, may I present Reader’s Choice! That’s right folks, you, my readers will pick my next project! And I promise to cast it on right away and finish it in a timely manner. So stay tuned to my blog. This is definitely very different from anything I’ve ever done and if I like it I may even do it again! I’m not just going to give you yarn/project combos, because then you wouldn’t really be deciding anything besides what I cast-on next. Nope. I’m giving you 4 yarn options and 5 pattern options. So you can do 1 of a few things here: you can pick your favorite yarn, and favorite pattern without thinking about how they combine. You can pick your favorite yarn and decide which pattern you think fits it best. You can pick your favorite pattern first and decide which yarn fits it best. Or you can just look at the options and pick the best overall combination.

Zaubergloeckchen Sockenwolle

Cakewalk Yarns – Jam

Knit Picks Bare Stroll – Hand Dyed by me with PAAS Easter egg colors

Shades of Light – Paris color 39d

Quilted Lattice Mitts by Jennifer Elaine

Maluka by Bea Schmidt

Pussy Willow Stockings by Cat Bordhi

Aquaphobia Socks by Crystal Flanagan

Age of Brass And Steam Kerchief by Orange Flower

All pattern photos were taken from the Pattern’s page on Ravelry so photo credit goes to them. I’ve set the polls to close after one week and will close May 4th. I absolutely cannot wait to see the results so I can cast-on!!! If you want to check out more posts like this click here. And if you think my post is very original and exciting please click here to nominate me!

3KCBWDAY1 – Colour Lovers

Today’s the day!! The beginning of Knit Crochet Blog Week! It’s a great time of the year! Last year I don’t think I made it through the whole week because life may have gotten in the way. Now I can’t promise it won’t happen again, especially since I have been a bit under the weather lately and will be seeing the doctor tomorrow to see if something more serious is actually going on. But hopefully I’ll be able to stay up to date with the posts this time.

Todays Topic – Colour Lovers
Colour is one of our greatest expressions of ourselves when we choose to knit or crochet, so how do you choose what colours you buy and crochet or knit with. Have a look through your stash and see if there is a predominance of one colour. Do the same with your finished projects – do they match? Do you love a rainbow of bright hues, or more subdued tones. How much attention do you pay to the original colour that a garment is knit in when you see a pattern? Tell readers about your love or confusion over colour.

Colour. I have to say how much I love that word colour….more specifically the spelling. Why did American’s change the spelling to color? I don’t know, I guess our spelling just doesn’t seem quite as sophisticated as it should. Because colour is sophisticated, it’s part of art, it is art really. I like the work colour much better than the word colour.

I definitely have a preference of colour when it comes to yarn. I took a gander at my bookshelf which used to hold all my stash. It now holds mostly baby stuff, but I’ve made sure to have my favorite stash displayed also. I wasn’t very surprised when I found 2, maybe 3 skeins that were solid colours. The rest is either variegated, striped, or tonals. And the brighter the better. The more colours in one skein the better. The more random the colors, the better. And the brighter, did I mention that? I hate pastels. I love bright colors! I’ve noticed a pattern. When I buy yarn for a specific pattern, that’s when I usually buy the solids I have. When I buy yarn for the stash, yarn that I am just drawn to, that’s when I have the wild, crazy, vivid colours. And what better brand to buy if that is the kind of yarn you like, than Wollmeise. Here’s my Miss Annabelle showing off Mommy’s Wollmeise stash.

That’s right, all my followers know it; I love Rohrspatz & Wollmeise yarn. If you found me through the Knit Crochet Blog Week tags welcome, and you now know I love Wollmeise. I used to live around an hour and a half away from the shop. I’ve been to the store 3 different times, and was disappointed leaving Germany because I knew I’d probably never be there again. So of course I stashed up! I have 16 skeins of Wollmeise and I’m in love with every single one of them. A person who loves deep, vivid, saturated colors needs to get their hands on some Wollmeise if they never have. And I’ll say this….I’ve been looking the colorway Grapes for Sheri for a long, long time and would be willing to trade almost any of the skeins I have if you have some Grapes for Sheri (which looks like this)!

To read all about other peoples’ love of colour from those taking part in Knitting and crochet blog week, simply perform a Google search for the tag 3KCBWDAY1, or click here.

Lots of Progress

I’ve been making great progress on my knitting the past month or so. I really feel like I have different things to talk about every week and an FO pretty often! Part of this progress I think is the motivation from Subway Knits for the Midwinter QAL which started Feb 1st and your FO’s have to be posted by April 30th. I’ve talked about most of my “entries” so far, but I think I’ve talked about Dad in Argyle the most because it has been on the needles for a while. It’s a golf club cover knitted holding Knit Picks Palette doubled. Last week I talked about the idea of using duplicate stitch on it, so that way I was knitting with 2 colors and not 3. I’m pretty glad I decided to try this out because I was pretty successful knitting it!A few tiny puckers here and there, but nothing much. Now I’ve started using the duplicate stitch which seems to be working pretty well, the hard part is just lining up the stitches correctly. Hopefully I’ll post about this project again on FO Friday!

I started a new pair of socks this week too. On some oh so dreamy Wollmeise in the Lavendel colorway which is such a gorgeous shade of purple. These socks are not for me. The yarn was picked out specifically to knit the Lilac Socks for my Aunt. Purple is her favorite color, and since she is from Rochester, NY which holds the annual Lilac Festival I thought this was a perfect combination for her. I’m hoping to finish them by the time I visit her in June. I just love working with Wollmeise….I can’t say that enough.

Last thing to talk about is my Hitchhiker Pat. I named it this since I dyed the yarn for St. Patrick’s Day in all greens. I wasn’t quite sure about it at the beginning, but I kept working as a friend suggested and it’s really starting to grow on me. I’ve grown to really like it and I’m half-way through the 42 “teeth” of the pattern.

That’s all the WIPs I have for WIP Wednesday, but I also got a blog award this week I wanted to talk about. Michelle from Will Knit For Food nominated me for The Versatile Blog Award! You should definitely go check out her blog! The following are the conditions for the award. I will post my nominations tomorrow since my post is now getting a bit lengthy.
Here are the conditions of The Versatile Blogger Award:

– Thank the person who gave you this award.
– Include a link to their blog.
– Next, select 15 bloggers that you follow regularly or have recently discovered.
– Nominate those bloggers for the Versatile blogger-award.
– Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

New Yarn

I have new yarn, in more ways than one, this week. And all without spending money. It’s the best way, right? I won some yarn! I also dyed some yarn. First….the giveaway!


I entered a giveaway on the Wool & Cotton blog. I found the blog on the Contests & Giveaways thread in The Blog Hub group in Ravelry. I wasn’t really looking around the blog, just entered the giveaway. Now looking back I realize it’s a pretty cool blog that I plan to add to my blog reader. The author Alexandra (Twinkleshine on Ravelry) lives in Thessaloniki, Greece. The yarn I won is from Shades of Light on Etsy. I won a skein of her Paris weight, which is a 100% Merino base heavy fingering weight. I chose the 39d colorway because the mix of colors, and depth of the color is just so vivid. The dyer is also located in Greece and is very talented. She has several different bases in her shop, one of which is Dehli; a 50% wool 50% silk mix. Very nice! Go check out the bog and shop!


The other “new” yarn is really just new looking. I dyed 100 g of white Schoeller & Stahl Socka 2000 yarn. I bought this yarn in Germany for the purposes of dying eventually. I had the urge to dye some yarn this past week and chose this because the dyeing group on Ravelry has themes every month. This month’s theme is dying blends and this blend is 45% cotton, 42% wool, and 13% polymide. And since it was the week of St. Patrick’s Day I dyed half the skein willow green and half kelley green using Wilton’s dye. I love how it turned out, and I want to see if it will make a good Hitchhiker.

A Conundrum

I actually have a few NEW projects on the needles this week! A bit of startitis I suppose. Subway Knits QAL has to be given most the credit for giving me the motivation. The rest of the motivation has come from the fact that they are presents and the weather is beautiful. Something about knowing they are for someone else makes want to continue on with a small project. And having the windows open and breathing the nice fresh air also makes want to knit more.

I’ve cast-on a dishcloth with some bright orange Peaches & Cream cotton. It’s a nice quick project that was originally queued March 10, 2010. Did you know when you start a project from your queue it actually tells you the date it was originally queued at the very bottom of the project page? I never knew that before I started the QAL. Very cool! This isn’t just any dishcloth, it’s The Answer to the Greatest Question dishcloth. You probably only understand that if you are a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy fan, which my husband is. Huge fan…read all the books. So basically that means it has the number 42 on it. I laughed when I looked at all the other project pages of the pattern because apprently I’m not as original as I thought. The pattern was made by someone whoo was a fan of some Nascar driver who was number 42. Well, every project has something to do with The Hitchhiker’s Guide.

Also new to the needles is an Argyle Golf Club Cover. This would be for my Dad. He picked the colors out around a year ago and I never touched it. So I went to cast it on this morning. Well, that’s where my conundrum came in…..I bought Knit Picks Palette yarn and the pattern calls for Malabrigo Worsted Weight yarn. If you know much about the yarn world, than you know these are two great yarns but one is a fingering weight and one is a worsted weight. Big difference. So what’s a girl to do? I checked the patterns to see if there was a golf club cover in fingering weight. Nope. Checked project notes to see if anyone had done it in fingering weight and that was a big no. So, although it will be hard with three different colors being used in the same round I’m trying doubling the yarn. I’ve done for worsted weight projects before but it will be a bit more complicated this time around. I would have just ditched the project, but golf season will be starting soon and I would love for my Dad to actually get some use out of it.

I’ve also got my Monkey Socks on the needles and still making progress. Check out other WIP Wednesday posts here. Oh and you must give me props because I typed this entire post with one hand because I have a baby sleeping in the other!!

How I Adore Swaps

Is there anything really, that picks up your mood quite like some surprise yarn arriving in the mail?  I think not.  I recently participated in a small, low key swap on The Blog Hub group.  The point of the swap was to de-stash something.  No purchasing new yarn!  Your pick could be for any reason, whether it was something you’ve had forever, something you hate, something left-over from a big project, or even something you love and wanted to share the wealth!  I personally think that my swap partner did the latter.  If she didn’t, well she’s lucky (and crazy!!), because I’m in love!

My partner’s Ravelry name is CLPetty and she’s the author of the blog Socks, Sox & Talks  (*psstt* you should go check it out!)  She sent me some sock yarn (surprised?!).  And boy do I love it!!  The color is called Tobacco Barn from Yarn Daze.  And she said that it reminds her of all the barns in Southern Indiana where she lives.  I live in Germany.  And I miss barns.  I mean the type of farms and barns you see all over in the states.  Things sure are different here.  So it’s really quite a perfect yarn for me. Oh, did I mention the squish factor??  It has a big squish factor!!! What shall it become?  Well socks of course!  I think anyway.  I’ve been trying to convert my sock yarn stash from all variegated yarn to some solids and tonals for more intricate sock work.   And I have a few possibilities in mind. Possibilites are:  Nebula by Cookie A.  Rivercat Sock by Brenda Patipa.  & Alpen Socken by Judy Alexander.  So, help me decide!