It’s Party Time!


Lets get drunk on some moonshine! Moonshine Fiber Company, that is! I got a shipment from them this week! I purchased a 4 oz Merino braid from them in the Jungle Juice colorway (top pic) on their last announced update. But oddly enough Etsy decided to ship it to my old Germany address. Well I got into my account and deleted this address when I discovered that. Then Moonshine announced on Facebook that they were posting a few things on the first football Sunday. I shouldn’t have looked, but I did and couldn’t resist. The color Dia de los Muertos – Calaveras (i’m not going to pretend I know what it means or how to actually say it – bottom pic) was just amazing!! I bought a 4 oz braid in BFL. I think it’s the coolest color I’ve ever seen fiber. Oddly enough, my invoice once again had my shipping address as my German one AGAIN! I immediately contacted the shop owner and they of course made a note to send it to my correct address. Funny part of the story? Apparently she screwed up the postage on the one which was sent to Germany. And it was returned to her THAT DAY! So after an odd coincidence and awesome customer service from Moonshine, I got both my braids in one package a few days ago! They are breathtaking! Even more gorgeous in person than they are on camera!

So I might be enabling here, but please go check them out! They are awesome and I love the bags they send the fiber in. Presentation can be important and they do a great job! Like them on Facebook too……you might see a surprise update like I did! It might be worth mentioning that Susan B Anderson also posted about them this week! The more people buying their stuff the less left over for me to purchase! 🙂